Celebrities in Asia's World City


Celebrities. Asia’s World City. When you mix them together, it equals awesome. Hong Kong is a country familiar to most people in the world. A Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, they remain separately governed without restrictions like that of their parent country. To quote an example, you can access Facebook and Youtube in Hong Kong but not in China.

Jetstar Asia SIN-SWA

“Singapore Airlines will be operating its last Boeing 747 flight from Hong Kong to Singapore on 6 April 2012. Tickets are on sale on singaporeair.com now”. This was what I have been waiting for – A seat on the very last Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 flight. Upon receiving the news, I had been tracking the prices on the web and receiving updates on any price changes via fellow a.netter yapple who is also looking forward to the flight.

Cathay Pacific HKG-SIN

This is the second part of my trip to Hong Kong in January 2012. For the first part, please refer to the following link. http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/trip_reports/read.main/208290/

Cathay Pacific SIN-HKG


Cathay PacificA name familiar to many from airliners.net and around the world. This airline, with a green-white livery, is the airline representing Hong Kong, China’s Special Administrative Region. Unlike its counterparts up north, the airline is frequently touted as the best in the world, winning several Airline of the Year awards and almost always come up in the top 10 airlines of the world. Besides that, it also shares the prestigious 5-star airline standing with 6 others airlines in the world, coincidentally all from Asia. The airline was founded in September 1946 by an American and an Australian. Each man paid HK$1 to register the airline. Cathay was the ancient name given to China, while Pacific was added as they aimed to fly across the Pacific Ocean one day.